Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WASP Margaret E. Twito, 44-W-2

WASP Margaret E. Twito, Class 44-2, passed away on January 3, 2009.

Margaret was born in Centerville, South Dakota, the daughter of Lutheran Pastor Ehlers and his wife. The family lived in Centerville until 1922 and then moved to Bloomington. Margaret lived with her grandparents during high school, later attending a local business college

After graduation, Margaret became a bookkeeper. One of the men at the company took her for her first airplane ride in his Piper Cub. It was love at first flight. She was so thrilled with the experience, she decided to get her private pilot's license.  She quickly earned the hours she needed to enter the AAF experimental flying training program to teach qualified female pilots to fly military aircraft. She applied, was accepted, and entered training as a WASP trainee, Class 44-2, in September, 1943.

After graduation, Margaret was assigned to Palm Springs Army Air Base, CA and later transferred to La Junta Army Air Field, Colorado. 

After deactivation, she worked at the reservation desk at the Nocollet Hotel. It was there she first met her future husband, Wayne Twito. Wayne had been a Marine pilot and had never before met a WASP. While making arrangements to stay at the Nicollet, he asked Margaret out to dinner, and they started dating. After they married, Wayne was hired by Northwest Airlines, where he worked until 1991.

Preceded in death by her daughter, Rinda and two brothers, Margaret is survived by her loving husband of 62 years, Wayne; sons, Dr. Randy Twito and wife, Mary Kay, and Rev. Roger Twito and wife Cathy; grandchildren, Kristina, Andrew, Nicole, Sarah, Caleb, Anna, Daniel, Nathan, and Michaela. Memorials may be directed to Mount Olive Lutheran Church Foundation or the MN Masonic Home.

Funeral services for Margaret were held Wednesday, January 7, at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.