Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WASP Violet Thurn Cowden, 43-W-4 April 10, 2011

WASP Violet Thurn Cowden
Oct. 1, 1916 - April 10, 2011
Emails from WASP online have been streaming in since WASP Vi Cowden’s last flight on April 10, 2011.    e.g.  'We lost Vi yesterday.’    'One of a kind is gone.'   'She took her last flight last night peacefully.’    'A real loss to us all!'   Among the emails was a message from her son-in-law, Rick:  "Violet Cowden was a friend to all of us and will be sorely missed.  Her participation in life was immense and her desire to add value wherever she went is evidenced by her multitude of friends from around the country and abroad.  Vi will always be remembered for so many reasons and will be missed by all of us who loved her dearly."

I apologize for not notifying you sooner; however, I honored the family’s request,  that nothing be posted until they had the chance to inform her friends.  


Vi Cowden truly wrote her own legacy and, respectfully, I post the following links to highlights of Vi's life and her most recent opportunities to spread the joy of being a WASP through interviews and films.

 "VI COWDEN" website, created by the Freedom Committee of Orange County
"Second to None"  recently released film which celebrates the untold achievements of American women throughout history.
Violet Cowden Oral History -- University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Violet Cowden Interview -- The History Channel
Ride of a Lifetime
Veteran's History Project--interview, photos and papers
Top Gun Grandma

God bless her family and those whose lives she touched.  I pray that she is truly flying higher than she has ever flown before.

Posted by Nancy Parrish
April 13, 2011


  1. Our thoughts and Prayers are with the family and friends of Vi, and with her comrades in the WASP. I know it is a great lost, as the loss of each member of the "Greatest Generation" goes west. It is because of them and their sacrifice that we enjoy the freedom that we have.

    Jim McKinley

  2. Vi is truly flying farther, faster and higher than ever before, where she most loved to be - up in the sky! Her indomitable spirit and can-do attitude were an inspiration to so many. I don't think I will ever know anyone with as much energy, spunk, adventurousness, intelligence and caring.
    I will always remember that you taught me to reach for the skies!
    Christine Bonn
    WINGS OF SILVER: The Vi Cowden Story

  3. Vi was truly special. I recently watched WINGS of SILVER and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks you Christine for giving us a piece of Vi that we will always treasure!
    Claudia McKnight
    President, Women Military Aviators

  4. It was a momentous occasion for me to witness Vi receiving her Gold Medal last year. I first met Vi in 1992 when I began my research on the WASP. She has been an inspiration ever since. Her courage and fearlessness is daunting. She so inspired me that I named a character after her -- to honor her and other women of the WASP. I will miss her greatly.

    Matia Karrell
    Red Door Films